How SySPAD system works

SySPAD : an innovative digital health monitoring and anticipation solution that integrates smoothly in our elderly routine and carers daily work.

SySPAD assets

We have pooled our expertise and knowledge within our own spheres to craft this innovative but easy to use, and ultra reliable solution.

SySPAD means Monitoring system for dependent elderly people. Its purpose :

  • Modernise health information tracking
  • Ensure continuity of collected data
  • Provide data real time access to care teams
  • Provide real time alarm in case of acute medical situations
  • Generate warnings for situations that could possibly degrade.
  • Provide interoperability within existing facilities

SySPAD : no additional IT task, transparent technology.
Our wish : improve elderly people quality of life and their caregivers daily work.


How does SySPAD work ?

 SySPAD interfaces connected devices with care softwares for automatic updates .

 SySPAD also integrates a voice recognition system designed for healthcare settings that saves time for teams and increases the accuracy of their reports.
It can also track informations at any given time.

SySPAD automatically collects and analyzes in real time all this data coming from the devices and voice recognition. It is able to send alarms to care teams when something goes wrong.

Alarms are sent in two different modes: 1) realtime – reaction  and 2) prediction – prevention.
This approach of collecting / analyzing / sending alarms and alerts is based on space technology.

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