Improve the elderly quality of life ?
MobaSpace wants to make it possible.

Life expectancy for seniors has never been so high and they want to age with dignity and peace. But health troubles are frequent, and ageing needs health tracking and cares.

That’s why Mobaspace designed SySPAD solution thinking about elderly people needs first.

Living in nursing homes

Habits are important for elderly people, and we have to take account of it in every aspect of the treatment : we must make them feel at home, cared for, be there but as unintrusive as possible.

Most of the time, entering nursing home means the stressful situation of losing the family practitioner who knows everything about them. Finding a new visiting one is all the more complicated in that care teams are too busy to communicate complete monitoring each time the practicioner comes in.

That’s why MobaSpace designed SySPAD : we make health data monitoring easy, quick and relevant to ensure the best possible care.


Living at home

Many elderly people want to age at home, an achievable (and empowering) lifestyle, made possible thanks to implicated home caregiving services, but they are overloaded, often leading to an erratic medical monitoring, compounded by distance.

This is not a safe, long term situation. Our seniors deserve better, and that’s why MobaSpace designed SySPAD : make remote monitore possible and highly reliable, including real-time alerts if an anomaly is detected.

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