MobaSpace wants to make it easier
for administrative staff

Management and HR teams working in nursing homes, healthcare services, head nurses…they  are all, on a daily basis, questioned by patients, families, doctors, care teams…

We have to make life easier for them : provide more reliable informations and support for decision-making,  facilitate communication to achieve a sustainable system.

Ease of use and monitoring efficiency

SySPAD integrates smoothly with patients and caregivers everyday life : non intrusive monitoring makes it easier and more effective for carers, providing the right information at the right time !

This means more confidence for caregivers and limiting serious outcomes such as hospitalizations.


Optimize human resources management

MobaSpace draws on cutting edge technology and processes coming from space control centers and human spaceflights tracking. Highly reliable and recognized, these technologies make SySPAD able to predict acute medical situations and anticipate treatments and staffing projections.  This new approach is available for nursing home or home treatment.

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