A multi skilled team

When interdisciplinary collaboration results in a creative big bang named MobaSpace !

MobaSpace is a genuine meeting of 3 different but complementary worlds. Working together on an innovative proposal to improve elderly people healthcare was truly a thrilling journey !

Please meet :

Sergio Sosa Sesma


Aerospace engineer

As an engineer at the French Space Agency (CNES) since 2005, I have been involved in multiple scientific research projects and managed european and development teams.

Mobaspace and I

I identified a CNES patent whose space technology could be reshaped to improve daily life of elderly people and their caregivers. MobaSpace means Monitoring Body Attitude by Space Technologies.

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Laetitia Lamazou

Laëtitia LAMAZOU

Physician specialized in geriatrics

I have a 10 years experience in the treatment and support of elderly people diseases. I have worked in hospitals and nursing home. I know patients needs and caregivers concerns.

MobaSpace and I

I do believe that new technologies will move geriatric medical teams forward and provide support to prioritize tasks and care.

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Martin Spel

Martin SPEL

Specialist in information systems

Founder, in 2001, of an engineering services company,  I am in charge of technical implementations for MobaSpace.

MobaSpace and I

My personal experience as a son living thousand miles away from a hundred years old father inspired the whole Mobaspace team to find solutions !

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