Technology serving humanity

Our vision : integrating sharp technology in care process will liberate quality time for a true carers – residents relationship.
In one word : Rehumanize care !

Complementarity and communication

 MobaSpace sees health tracking as a precious chain :

  • the elderly person is the central link whose opinion and well being are our priorities. The agreement of this person is essential to take care and track health informations.
  • family, caregivers, doctors, nurses, medical softwares are the other important  links of this chain.

Smooth communication (the right information, at the right time, to the right person) is vital to make the whole healthcare process work sustainably.
MobaSpaces’ SySPAD aims at completing and strenghtening the chain and make health informations comprehensive, relevant, proactive, reliable and secured.
SySPAD doesn’t replace any of these links, but it makes the chain stronger.


Simplicity and technology

MobaSpace wants to offer a relevant and easy-to-use solution for every day life.
Healthcare is our area of expertise and we believe that this (apparently) simple technology will make a real difference.

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